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22 Feb Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

Forgive Us Our Sins (And Theirs, Too)


15 Nov Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

How Movements Count

by Justin D. Long · October 2019. Reposted by permission from Accel Vol 1 Issue 2, Nov 2019, pp. 16-20 Over 1,020 church planting movements (rapidly multiplying groups that have surpassed four generations of church planting in multiple streams) have been documented. Together, they comprise over 73 million believers in over 4.3 million churches. […]


10 Oct Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

“Who Gave You the Right to Baptize?”

How many times in the New Testament did the Apostle Paul warn churches to be careful of the evil, Roman Empire? Yet, time and again Paul wrote to churches warning them to beware of legalists (Judaizers), supposed fellow people of faith. A team in India take great comfort from those verses. They feel like the verses were written […]


07 Sep Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

Confronting Animism

This is a guest post from Jay Matenga, a Christian missions leader from an indigenous (Maori) background. He serves as Executive Officer at Missions Interlink, the national association of mission-passionate people and organizations in Aotearoa New Zealand. Some elements of “Folk Islam” are often described as remnants of animism. Given Jay’s unique background, his perspective on […]


26 Jul Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

May this Hate-fest Fail

By Benjamin Lee Hegeman, PhD The most haunting of proverbs in Baatonu says: “Before a witchdoctor kills a victim, he first accuses the person of being a sorcerer.” How demonically clever: the assassin camouflages the murder of his opponent as a noble act of protecting the public good. A pious killer is the most dangerous […]


11 Jun Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

The Qur’an’s Turn to Violence

Is Islam a religion of peace or a religion of war? Some have thought that by quoting verses from the Qur’an, they could prove their point – one way or the other. Sadly, qur’anic verses can be used to support both sides of the argument. In this article, Dr. Mark Durie presents a fresh perspective […]


16 Apr Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

Getting Kingdom Right To Get Church Right

What comes to your mind when you hear about a movement of God in which 150,000 urban and rural churches were started in a ten-year span? Incredulity? Suspicion? Excitement? Church Planting Movements (CPMs) like these are spreading around the world in all types of cultures and religious worldviews. Click here to read more.


20 Feb Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

Who, me? Biased?! (A Brief Look at Cognitive Bias)

A cognitive bias is a mistake in reasoning, evaluating, remembering, or other cognitive process, often occurring as a result of holding onto one’s preferences and beliefs regardless of contrary information. It happens to all of us sometimes, despite our best attempts at accuracy. Our Bible (in its original manuscripts) is inerrant; we are not. Our interpretations of the Bible […]


07 Jan Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

God’s Work through the BtD Network (reprinted with permission from Missio Nexus’ Anthology)

The Bridging the Divide Network (BtD) arose to address a challenge; actually the culmination of three challenges: How can we effectively and biblically bring the good news of salvation in Christ to the more than 1.8 billion Muslims in the world? What can be done about the tensions between widely differing and conflicting approaches being […]


01 Dec Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

4 Types of People Critical to Movements

“Here are 4 types of people critical to any kind of movement, whether it’s a scalable startup or a disciple-making movement.” Click here to see these what these four types of people are.